Visitor's Info

Things to know before visiting us

Visiting The Zoo:

Here are some of pre-arrival trips for your enjoyable and memorable visit to the Zoo

Put that cool shades on
Bring along sunglasses or cap to protect from the sunny glare. Sunblock or sunscreen will be additional advantage for your extra protection.

Got rainy days?
An umbrella will come handy during rainy days. However you may find sheltered areas within the Zoo in which you can take cover from the rain.

Be insect-free
Have some insect repellent to prevent from mosquitoes or insect bites.

Walk in comfort
Wear comfortable footwear as you stroll along the zoo. We certainly don’t recommend heels in the zoo!

Stay informed
Be on the lookout for our uniformed staff members for further assistance around the Zoo.

Lastly When Visiting our Zoo...
Our animals have strict diet.
Please do not feed or provoke them.
We love to see our zoo clean. Please do not litter.
No trespassing to prohibited areas.